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Who We Are

Since established in 2015, Sunripack has manufactured plastic containers, cosmetic tubes, glass containers, closures, and accessories that satisfy various packaging needs. We pay close attention to every step of the production process, ensuring superior product quality and consistent output. We also provide comprehensive services to help your brand improve, including product design, customization, and after-sales support.

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Sunripack aims to fulfill your packaging needs by providing exceptional plastic packaging products and comprehensive services to your market.


We see ourselves as a leading packaging manufacturer by going above and beyond industry expectations to create tailor-made solutions for diverse markets.


Our Factory

Located in Guangzhou, China, our 10,000m2 production facility has modern manufacturing equipment that can complete over 200,000 pieces a day. As an ISO-certified factory, our inspectors abide by strict standards from material sourcing to product packaging. Product printing are also done within our in-house facility through cutting-edge printing machines.

Professional Customization

Sunripack offers a range of customization options to make your brand stand out, including material, color, capacity, and frontal closure. You can also add different decorations and your unique logo on each product, cementing your brand on your market.

Out of ideas for your next packaging? Let our expert designers help you develop fresh and innovative packaging designs with our updated product portfolio.

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Sustainability at Sunripack

As the demand for eco-friendly packaging continues to rise, Sunripack brings creative innovations to meet the need while propelling your brand forward. We opt to use sustainable materials in making our custom packagings, such as PCR and PLA. Our factory also applies eco-friendly production processes to reduce greenhouse gases and energy consumption.

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