Strong Support from Design to After-sale

Sunripack’s team has an extensive background in the packaging industry and has the skills to excel in various services. We are committed to manufacturing premium packaging for various markets such as the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Apart from just producing packaging, we also offer comprehensive services, including design, customization, free samples, in-stock delivery, after-market support. Scale your business to the next level by contacting us today!

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P05 S02 设计师在专业软件上设计产品

Professional Design Team at Your side

Quality and style are key components to our packaging design. Throughout the design, we help you choose the proper material, shape, and size that are suitable for specific products. Our experienced designers provide professional consultation on graphic designs that resonates with your target market. With our robust design assistance, we help you find a packaging design with the proper aesthetics and function, making your brand stand out from the competition.

Easy Access to Get Your Custom Packaging

Sunripack takes the hassle out of finding a custom packaging solution through our comprehensive ODM/OEM services. We can turn your packaging concept into an actual product that can improve the practicality and marketability of your products.

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P05 3 S03 5. 质检人员在生产线上拿着量尺测量产品的规格

Quality Production & Rigorous Product Control

The ISO certified factory where we make our premium packaging utilizes advanced blow molding machines and automated production lines, resulting in a daily output of 200,000 pcs. In addition, our trained personnel conduct regular inspections and tests from raw material screening to final package checks. With our streamlined production and strict QC control, we can complete bulk orders during peak seasons while preserving the packagings’ quality.

Value-added Decoration

By working with us, you have a wide range of print options to create a unique and recognizable identity for your brand. Sunripack provides design templates for various bottles as well as design consultations.

We also remove the hassle of your design needs with our in-house decorating  facilities, allowing you to get your printing options for your packaging under one roof.

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P05 S06 一位客户拿着产品样品进行细节查看

Free Samples for Your Preview

Upon request, we can send free samples at short notice so you can see for yourself what Sunripack can do for your business. In addition, free samples of custom packaging will be provided for your confirmation before mass production.

Beneficial In-stock Inventory for Quick Delivery

When you need to replenish your stock immediately, we have in-stock products that are ready to be shipped within 24 hours upon confirmation of your order. For in-stock products, we have an approachable MOQ of 100 and deep discounts on bulk orders.

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Carefree After-sale Service

Every packaging from Sunripack is guaranteed to be error-free and is backed by our extensive after-sales service. Professional staff will resolve any issues you may encounter with your order immediately. In addition, we have various attentive services such as order trackers and supervision on picking up your orders for cost efficiency.

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